Monday, August 22, 2011

Cleaning Box

Oh, how I squealed when I saw this box and matching index
card dividers. 
Too cute!
If you didn't know, I adore anything stationary,
organizing, office supplies and the kind.

Isn't she sweet ????

This is how I set up my "Cleaning Box."
It keeps me organized and motivated.
My hubby just rolls his eyes when I line up the next
day's cards on the kitchen counter.
It's like a challenge - and I'm going to win!!
Each item below has its own index card to put away
when completed or moved to the next month if needed.


(You end up doing all of these things enough - you may
not open this folder often)

  • make beds & tidy up bedrooms
  • wipe down bathroom counters
  • quick clean on the toilets
  • quick clean of kitchen after dinner
  • empty dishwasher in morning
  • take out trash and recycling after dinner(oldest son's chores)
  • quick dry mop of hardwood floors

  • Clean half bath
  • tidy up laundry room
  • strip and remake all beds
  • wash sheets and put them away
  • empty upstairs trash
  • go to local recycling / dump if needed

  •  Vacuum master bedroom and bath
  • dust master bedroom
  • clean master bath

  • Vacuum downstairs
  • dust living room
  • clean out fridge (wipe down shelves, throw out items)
  • Change all towels in bathrooms

  • Vacuum upstairs
  • Clean boy's bathroom
  • Dust upstairs

  • Clean kitchen (wipe down all counters, appliances, cabinets, knobs, etc)
  • Dust office and dining room
  • Wet mop hardwoods

  • Anything skipped this week or a "monthly item"

  • Make out menu for week
  • clip coupons
  • tidy pantry / mentally review inventory
  • make grocery list for the week

Monthly Items
I move these along month to month as I finish them:

  • Empty out, wipe down, purge and reorganize pantry
  • Vacuum window blinds
  • Vacuum all mattresses and wash mattress pads

In addition, I have "special" cards for certain months:

January / June
Clean all ceiling fans.

February / July
Clean all light fixtures.

March / August
Clean, purge & reorganize all kitchen cabinets and drawers.

I also have an additional reminder here in March for me to start looking
into summer camps for the boys.

April / September
Clean outside of all kitchen  & bathroom cabinets with tea tree oil and polish.

May / October
Flip all mattresses when cleaning.

June / November
Clean under fridge, stove.
Vacuum coils.
Clean fan / filter / hood of stove.

Purchase all cards for occasions for next 6 months. 
(January - June)
(July - December)

July / December
Change smoke detector batteries.

Note:  I also change my air filters in the house every three months.
I usually purchase enough of these at the beginning of the year and store them
in my laundry room.
I also make note on my calendar which months to change them.

To some of you, this may seem a little extreme.
Some days I find it that way too,
but with us living on the farm, my house seems to get so dirty so quickly.
Or maybe it's having all boys....

Anyway, all of the dirt, dust and dander from the farm always
makes its way into the house
and for me to feel like I'm on top of it,
I resort to this cleaning method.

Keep in mind,
that I fall "off of the wagon" sometimes and the box
doesn't get opened for a few weeks,
but then I can't stand it and get going again.

You can check out more organizing ideas here..


Rachel Holloway said...

WOW! What a great way to stay on top of things!

Mindy said...

I'm seriously going to do this as soon as the kids go back to school (wednesday). I have a cute metal vintagey box with dividers already... perfect!

Alison said...

Laying the cards out on the counter makes it a game almost. Once you're done with a job - you get to put the card back in the box!! Whatever makes it fun, right?

crafty lass said...

What a great idea! Where did you find the box? I love having everything on cards easy to read!

Alison said...

I found the box and cards at Hobby Lobby - its their Fiddlestix stationary line.

Dallas said...

Such a great idea. I need to get one of those boxes. I would love to stay on top of things like that.

Tracy said...

Bet you have read sidetracked home execuive?
I have tried to set up their SHE system but no joy I do however love this set up where did you find the box? I am in uk the best I can do is plastic , boring boring plastic

EllenM said...

I live on a farm also in a circa 1855 house that just oozes dirt. I do the SHE system and try to keep up - some days are better than others :)


Crystelle said...

this is AWESOME!!!!!!
you are my inspiration!