Thursday, June 10, 2010

102 summer boredom busters

This is a list I put together for a Relief Society class last summer. If you have any questions or need further explanation, let me know and I can go into greater detail:

102 Idea’s for Summer Fun

1. Make your own puzzles (old calendars, magazine pics, even the Mac ‘n’ cheese box!)
2. Make your own memory game (try using milk carton lids and stickers)
3. Play dough
4. Board games/Card Games (they're not just for the closet)
5. Geo-caching
6. Play in the mud! (use a hose to make rivers, lakes, volcanoes, etc. and bring out toy animals, action figures, or dinosaurs)
7. Shoebox doll house (decorate shoe boxes with wallpaper or carpet samples, etc.)
8. Body tracing
9. Tape butcher paper to the UNDERSIDE of the table for a change, and let the kids color from below
10. Bread dough letters
11. Shaving cream in the tub (for fingerpainting)
12. Stencils
13. Make rainbow crayons out of your old crayons (cut them into small pieces, and bake them at a low temp. in cupcake wrappers until they’re melted together)
14. Overhead projector (draw on transparency and watch it "appear" on the wall)
15. Stamps and stamp pad
16. Sidewalk chalk
17. Write letters and mail them
18. Styrofoam and pipecleaner collage
19. “Beautiful Junk” collage (TP tubes, washers, boxes, foil, whatever you’ve got around)
20. Pipecleaner creatures
21. Liquid starch and tissue paper art (when you paint with liquid starch, and then add small pieces of tissue paper, it ends up looking like it was mod-podged)
22. Udder painting (put paint and water in a rubber glove, tie a knot, poke some holes, and start “milking”)
23. Sponge painting
24. Blobble (very fun with scissors)
25. Colored noodle collage (put noodles in a ziplock bag, add a few drops of food coloring and smoosh them around until the noodles are coated. Let them dry on a cookie sheet before using)
26. Car painting (drive cars with different tread through paint, and then drive them on the paper)
27. Thumbprint critters
28. Easel painting (if you don’t have an easel, try taping paper to a fence, or to the side of your house or steps)
29. Dot Art
30. Straw Painting (blow watered down paint around the paper through a straw)
31. Magazine collage
32. Mystery pictures (white crayon and watercolors)
33. Marble painting (put a piece of paper in a shoebox lid, add a few drops of paint and a couple marbles and roll them around to make a fun design)
34. Leaf rubbings
35. Scavenger hunt (think litter, weeds, service, etc.)
36. Spaghetti painting (cook spaghetti, drain, add paint and mix until the wet noodles are colored, and then make a picture with them. As they dry they'll stick to the paper)
37. Scratch ‘n’ sniff painting (Mix a packet of Kool-Aid with 1 Tbsp. water. Careful because this one will stain)
38. Salad Spinner painting
39. Ice cube painting (freeze paint in ice cube trays with a stick, and then it will draw as it melts)
40. Paint with Eagle milk (shiny)
41. Watch live animals or insects (frog, fish, worm, spider, ant farm, etc.)
42. Scales and objects to weigh
43. Paint rocks
44. Make popcorn in an air popper instead of the microwave for once
45. Make individual mini-pizza’s
46. Celery in colored water
47. Grow crystals in a jar
48. Sorting (buttons, coins, hair bows, etc.)
49. Measuring tapes (send ‘em on a scavenger hunt to find something that is 4”, 6”, 12”, etc.)
50. The Freeze game (when the music stops you have to freeze)
51. Books on CD or cassette (either listen to the ones you have, or make your own)
52. Bean bag toss (make your own out of wood or cardboard)
53. Make an obstacle course
54. Tin can stilts
55. Hook up your video camera so your kids can watch themselves dance on TV
56. Scarves and music
57. Go to a lake and learn how to skip rocks
58. Shoot empty soda cans with water guns
59. Jump rope snake (two people “wiggle” the rope against the ground, and everyone tries to jump over it w/out getting bit)
60. Bury dinosaur bones (popsicle sticks) and have the kids dig them up, and glue them together to make a dinosaur skeleton
61. Dinner Campaign (nominate dinner options for next week, then make campaign posters, and vote)
62. Make your own “drive in movie” (Make cars out of large boxes, and sit in them while eating treats and watching a movie)
63. Find shapes in the clouds
64. Sit on a blanket under the stars and find constellations
65. Paperdolls (try
66. Dandelion curling (take a dandelion stem and split it on the ends, then put it in water and watch it curl)
67. Make a fort
68. Bubbles (try including your dog, or try "shooting" the bubbles with a water bottle)
69. Run through the sprinkler
70. Puppet Show (sock puppets, finger puppets, stick puppets, paper bag puppets, etc.) Make a stage out of a box and decorate it.
71. Story Stretcher (Read a book, and do an activity inspired by that book)
72. Decorate sugar cookies, or cupcakes
73. Press flowers in a heavy book (between paper, of course)
74. Make freezer jam (actually kind of fun with kids)
75. Book Bingo (make a bingo card with different types of books: mystery, religion, fiction, animal book, science, etc. Mark them off after reading that kind of book)
76. Build something out of toothpicks and pea’s, or toothpicks and marshmallow’s (Melanie shared this in the post below and it's lots of fun)
77. Hide something and take turns finding it using the hot/cold method.
78. Make shadow puppets with a flashlight
79. Paper airplanes
80. Hot dog octopus
81. Flannel board stories (tell them or make them)
82. Family Book of Records (like the Guinness Book of World Records; highest stack of blocks, fastest time cleaning bathroom, etc.)
83. Grass head people (yogurt cup, nylons, potting soil, and grass seed)
84. Create your own family holiday (blue and green day, lego week, Bob day, etc.)
85. Chalk battle (draw the enemy on cement with chalk, and then use water guns or water balloons to “destroy” the evil forces)
86. Make a zoo, or any kind of habitat outside. Build a town and create the landscape.
87. Draw a picture and send it to The Friend magazine
88. Backwards day (dinner for breakfast, etc.)
89. Fondue (try spaghetti sauce, cheese sauce, and chocolate sauce with things to dip like meatballs, bread, fruit, brownies, hot dogs, etc)
90. Maps and stickers (Map out your vacation route, and give your child stickers to mark off the towns as you go through them)
91. Read-a-thon with treats
92. Start a collection (leaves, rocks, feathers, dried flowers, coins from certain years, etc.)
93. Start a container garden in your window
94. Add some seashells to your sandbox or dirt pile
95. “Invite” an ancestor to dinner. Put a picture of him/her at the head of your table, and learn about them throughout dinner (this will require some preparation so that you actually KNOW something about that certain person…
96. Make a video journal of your house. Have the kids narrate.
97. Sun Art (set different objects on construction paper and set it out in the sun for 5-6 hours)
98. Watch a movie outside with a projector
99. Become a Jr. Ranger or Jr. Geologist at a national park
100. Sensory Table (Get a large Rubbermaid container with short sides and change the contents on occasion. Try sand, water, birdseed, leaves, beans, cornmeal, wheat, etc.)
101. Dramatic Play kits (almost last but certainly NOT least…these are my VERY favorite)
Try some of these:
Fishing, Doctor, Dentist (fun to do with playdough, mirrors, toothpicks, and floss), House, Bakery, Tools, Car mat and cars/street signs, Camping, Post Office, Hats, Restaurant, Grocery store, Library, Movie theater, Office, Beach, Florist, Dress-ups, Castle, Gift wrapping center, Space/rocket ship, Veterinarian office, Pet shop, Picnic, Birthday party, Ice cream shop, Shoe store, Fire station, Auto mechanic (make a dashboard out of cardboard), Eye doctor, School
102. Underwater pictures (draw an underwater scene on cardstock or a paper plate, and then use your fingers to cover the picture with a tablespoon of Karo syrup. Let it dry overnight and it will look shiny and wet)


Mike, Sha, Kenna, & Kate said...

I will have to give these a try, sounds fun. I just need some motivation.;)

Mindy said...

Let the summer begin!! What a great list!

Jodie said...

Your blog is really cute and I loved your 100 ideas. I remember making bread dough letters as a kid, but had forgotten all about it! Good reminders of days gone by.