Sunday, August 30, 2009

cleaning laminate floors (streak free)

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is streaks left on my laminate floors.
I mean, hello, I just spent a lot of effort and time cleaning the blasted things…I want them to look like it too.
So needless to say I’ve tried a few things.

I just recently came across a homemade recipe I hadn't seen before.
I found it on

The recipe goes as follows:
1 to 2 squirts of gentle liquid dishwasher soap
½ cup of vinegar
1bucket full of warm water (about a gallon)

Only thing is make sure you wring out as much of the water that you can from your mop.

Seriously I tried it and I was skeptical till it dried.
The verdict:
Pretty darn close to me being on my hands and knees with a spray bottle of my solution and drying them with a towel, IN HALF THE TIME AND A THIRD OF THE EFFORT.
okay, more like one fourth the effort.
Happy streak free laminate cleaning!


Marci said...

hey! it's you...over here. i've missed ya v.;D
i wonder if this would work on my wood because it streaks really bad too. i'll have to try er out.

girlsmama said...

I use orange glo. I have real wood though. It loos really nice and shiny. That is, when I mop. See previous posts. :)

Mindy said...

When I had laminate floors that was totally my pet peeve too! The best thing I found was the steam mop, but I'm intrigued by this! Thanks for sharing... wish I had seen this idea a few years ago. :)

GroverFamily said...

im going to give it a shot...our whole down stairs is laminate flooring, and i too cant stand the water lines left after moping!

Anonymous said...

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Robert said...

Streaks on laminated floors is a major problem for most home owners. We actually have oak laminate wood flooring (Tampa) in the living room of our new house, while we had our bedroom installed with vinyl flooring (Tampa)

I was looking for laminate floor maintenance when I saw your article. I'll definitely try this one to maintain the polished look of our floor. Thanks!

Fiona commercial cleaning said...

Thanks for the informative post here.
I enjoyed reading.

I shall try it on my own floor.

sarah5baker said...

Very interesting post!
Very useful tips for cleaning Laminate Flooring. I will surely going to follow these. Thanks for sharing!

Jaqlene Klum said...

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dancilhoney said...

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mizzoo57 said...

Thanks everyone for the ideas! After reading the comments, I mixed 1/3 water; 1/3 vinegar & 1/3 Jet Dry in a spray bottle & used a clean, dry dust mop. My floors are STREAK FREE and that's a first in 4 years! I think you could substitute rubbing alcohol for the Jet Dry & it would do a good job too. I'm going to get a better microfiber mop head but this is such an improvement! I have tried every laminate floor cleaner on the market & they all streak. Thanks again for the ideas!